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Made knows that real life comes before ideal life; Good times often trump good intentions. That’s just fine with us. Eat it too, we say. But when it’s time to recover enter Made.


Made to advocate the belief that beauty is not, in fact skin deep; How we look and feel is intrinsically influenced by the lives we lead. Our firm convictions regarding beauty and wellbeing are exhibited in the services we provide along with a strong presence of art and design.

But that’s enough about us, let’s talk about you.

It can be overwhelming keeping up in a world that seems to gain pace every day. We wear stress and anxiety in our fingers, our toes and our pores; it rises from within us and surfaces in many adverse and harsh ways.

Made is your space to relieve the burden that stress and a fast-paced life places on your skin. Recover in a genial yet modern space, designed to restore balance to your life. Incorporating all-natural, holistic and nourishing treatments administered by serious skincare professionals. You are a friend who deserves more than á la carte services, you deserve undivided attention and care.
Get back to 100%
You are Made.

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